Company Custom Store Features

Stress-Free Ordering

We design, build, and host your online store. We'll handle all the billing, inventory, shipping, and customer service. Our secure checkout service ensures safe online shopping anytime, for maximum convenience.

Simplify group ordering to reduce errors and eliminate the need for a single person to coordinate for everyone. Just specify a time limit for purchases, and let each individual place their order online, including payment. The entire order is shipped to your company with a detailed summary that allows you to easily distribute the products.

Variety of Products

Select from a wide array of products, styles, and colors for each of your designs. Go beyond t-shirts and sweatshirts with hats, mugs, jackets, duffel bags, and more. For an extra professional look, we can also convert your logo to an embroidered design for polos and denim shirts.


Your store can be set up with one of four pricing programs. Simply choose how much you'd like to earn for each item sold. Every dollar above cost goes directly to you, paid monthly. Your online store can be a continuous fundraiser with no extra work! You can also choose to sell items at cost to offer your employees the most savings.

Logo Design

Need a Logo? Ask about our reasonably-priced logo creation services. Our professional graphic artists can work with you to create a unique identity for your company that you can use on advertising, letterhead, business cards, or anywhere.

Quality Guaranteed

NewLife Industries has been in the screenprinting business for over 30 years. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products, and use only name brand apparel.